From Cowboys to Tech Entrepreneurs, the new American Hero is not so


Move over American Cowboy, there’s a new hero in town. He’s a college dropout with a crazy idea who went out to Sillicon Valley (the new wild west with slightly higher real estate) and from his garage created a huge tech company that made millions and millions.

That’s right, this is not just an abstract myth, VCs seem to be actively looking for you (college dropout) to give you money, specially if have no clue how your idea will make money.

We (Andreessen Horowitz) invest in college dropouts with insane ideas going after tiny markets with no way to monitize” From Business Insider, The Magic Formula for Building Massive Companies [DECK}

But, if you had the misfortune of a completed degree (or even worse, an advanced degree) don’t dispair completely. There are a few (the great majority) tech entrepreneurs that have degrees, some even have PhDs.


What’s “truer” is that you have better chances of making the next great tech company, if you have a CS degree from Stanford.

Screen shot 2013-02-04 at 12.38.24 PM

PS. I only catalogued 20 random entrepreneurs as a sample, if you look at the 20 most valuable tech companies, there are even more Masters & PhDs,