Media Transformation

We (my MCDM classmates) been having a discussion in on what we understand of the concept of media, and what is ‘flip’ the media. Although the discussion quickly turned to the practical application of the blog scope and it’s organization, there were a few reactions from my classmates worthy of note, in particular John Liston really hit it in his comment:

“That being said I see “flip the media” as a new way of thinking. I cringe at using the cliché of “democratizing the media” but it seems as if that is the whole idea. The ability of the common person to share the news without the gatekeeper seems to be at the very heart of what we are doing. I don’t think we should be hung up on certain technology but rather the phenomenon that each and every person has access to news from everywhere and is able to contribute to the conversation. Technology is just a tool, the idea that is becoming affordable to all is the revolution.

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