First few weeks with Alma, discovering parenthood.

Our little treasure, Alma Lucia, was born on October 30, 2010 after 28 hours of labor! She came out healthy, beautiful and hungry!

It’s been three weeks since we welcomed her and I can’t believe how much our lives have changed and how many feelings she’s stirred up in us; everything from extreme anxiety, to sheer panic and complete elation. I also discovered how little I was prepared for this, I realize now that I spent most of the time obsessing over the pregnancy and birth experience and didn’t quite understand how to take care of a newborn. For example, many friends told us about the lack of sleep, but I didn’t get that you really DON’T sleep. My expectation was that babies sleep most of the time and therefore we would have a few nights to recover. I know… delusional.

I have reacted with compulsive reading,  ingesting a baby book per day and testing  different baby techniques, including disregarding everything I’ve been told and letting everything go.  I’m just starting to figure out what works for us, it’s all so new. I keep wondering what kind of mother I am, but whatever mom type I am, I have discovered a few things:

Accepting no sleep and lack of control requires daily meditation
I have to learn  how to nap during the day — I used to never nap!
I can accomplish ONE thing before the next feeding, so I choose: bathing, eating, sleeping or communicating, reading, TV or outing.
Baby may not need a routine, but I do
I’m discovering which friend to call, as I now see them as mom buddies
Everything takes full attention, one task at a time
I’m all up for easy things, specially her clothing. Side snaps are the best invention.
There’s only today

We’re exhausted and happier than ever and cannot ceased to be amazed by our daughter and our new identities as parents.

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

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