5 ways to kill time while you wait for your newborn

Oh yes, I’m in that time where the clock seems to go backwards and I’m too tired to do much to entertain myself while I slowly drag through endless nights of no sleep and irregular false labor contractions. Truly this is is a hellish time for a type A, impatient controlling lady like me.  If you or someone you know are in a similar situation, here are a few things that have kept me sane:

  1. Get into a TV series that you can rent, but only if you can stream it: You need a new loooong series that keeps you on your edge of your seat and can watch many episodes in one sitting. Waiting for a regular on-air TV show that you have to wait a week for a meager episode won’t work, we’re talking about killing hours or days so short intervals are best. Now, Netflix DVDs take way too long (two days to arrive), going to the store… well who does that any more? SO bets option is to stream it and have instant gratification that can help you get through hours day or night. Mine: Battelstar Galactica. There’s like a million episodes. Yay! But warinig watching sci-fi series for extended time causes some pretty bizarre dreams.
  2. Work from home with deadlines: I’m too freaked out to be in the office with my contractions, fortunately my job is flexible enough to be tended form home and every day I log in thinking it may be my last day so everything I start needs to be done THAT day. This is true miracle these days. Sure it’s hard to concentrate but time goes flying when I’m on a deadline.
  3. Light Cooking: I’m surrounded by my parents and husband constantly asking me if I’m ok and if I think today is the day (yes, it’s getting annoying) so I decided to take over the easy and fast meals and leave the lengthy ones to them. It’s relaxing but I can t over do it so I keep it simple. Making sandwiches for lunch has become my latest obsession it’s easy and rewarding because I’m getting creative. I also made a tortilla and quesadillas. Again trying to add a new spin to simple meals is the trick.
  4. Short walks: I’m scheduling walks with a different person, only ONE person at time. I realize a short walk is a perfect way to have 1:1 time with my husband and chat or with my dad or my mom (we are all at home now) and I’m thinking to extend this to friends. Thatw ay I can catch up and at the same time get some air. Also helps with the deadline thing knwoing I have an appointment.
  5. Blog: Just decided to this today to see if it helps.

Things NOT to do: read more baby books, at this point they cause nothing but anxiety, read about birthing also causes tremendous anxiety, worry too much about timing contractions, calling family too much, trying to keep everyone updated (you will hear when it’s time I promise!), buying more crap for the baby, going over your birth plan (useless at this point), recalculating your due date, researching schools… yes I’ve tried them all and no good.

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

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