The insane mind of the pregnant woman

36 weeks and I have decided to convert our garage into an office. There was a perfectly logical explanation to this endeavor.

I have no desk since my home office is now the baby room, and with my parents and due day approaching I thought I should be prepared and plan to have a quiet place where I can work from home in the last few days. Plus, we don’t use our garage to park, nor we have enough storage for all the new baby crap we have and it we may as well invest a bit in some home improvement for future value. Great idea, right?

The hammering started last Friday at 7am as the electrician opened the wall to install the heater and recessed can lights in the ceiling. The noise woke me up and when I descended from our bedroom I was surrounded by a chaotic mess of boxes, books, pictures, old clothes, garden boots, coolers, suitcases and TWO cat litter boxes!!!  I forgot that we had to get everything OUT of the garage in order to build IN the garage.  So, my neatly organized nursery that was so ready for prime-time is now filled with all kinds of stuff that one forgets one has because…well, that’s what garages are for.

Instead of facing the consequences of my decision, because, I have no one to blame but myself (my husband has not uttered the word ‘no’ since we found out I was pregnant) I decided to check my email craving the chronological, well classified, order of my inbox. But, there it was, Baby Center reminding me  I’m starting my 36th week, and therefore I’m only four weeks from my due date.

Four weeks.

My parents arrive in two weeks.

Hammering. Boxes. Hammering. More boxes. Some paint and voila!

I swear I heard those stuffed animals on the shelf say, “hey lady, you are completely nuts!”

Super dad to be paints the primed walls
Finished walls look nice!

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

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