How to recieve the New Year, Venezuelan style

My husband is out buying some new yellow panties for me and for his mother (highly traumatic event which I’ll pay in therapy years for him). Not that big of deal people, yellow panties bring you luck! And you can’t just go out an buy them someone must GIVE them to you. That’s right, in Venezuela we buy yellow panties for the women and get new ones every year. But that’s not the only tradition…

One must wear something new. it’s tradition that prosperity starts with a new outfit to wear, we dress up and receive the new year in style, even if we stay at home.

To bring in the cash, wear a dollar bill in your shoe and/or wet a dollar bill and put it on you forehead and drink champagne bottoms up!

Eat 12 grapes (right before midnight), making a wish for each (tip: you can make the same wish).

To travel, run out the door with empty suitcases and walk them around the block. The further you go, the further you’ll travel. I have done this every year and the one year I didn’t, there was no travel.

Hug your mother. I know Americans don’t tend to spend New year’s eve with their families, but in Venezuela it’s truly tradition to spend it with the fam, we even made a song “There’s 5 minutes to midnight and I gotta run home to hug my mom”. But we also go out a party with friends after.

And finally, watch the new year’s sunrise with someone you love.

Feliz Anio Pa’ to’os!!

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

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