How Pickens Plan’s pickens social media

I just spoke to Joey Mornin, from YourRevolution and it’s really incredible what they are doing. In just two weeks these guy have delivered a formidable social media strategy (Joey has not slept 8 hours in the last week). Pickens campaign had no idea how good they had by hiring these young super powers!

The campaign has really moved into high gear making social media a core part of their strategy. But let’s not miss the BIG point here.

The key is that the MESSAGE is relevant and timely and TANGIBLE (feel it every time we go to the pump). The energy crisis is a very hot topic that every cares and this proposes a specific solution for it. Second is that social media is a tool for people to connect, and get organized and press the issue to bring real change. Their model is the ‘Obama-model’, but they are going to try to innovate even more and really push the limits with social tools. However, social media cannot stand alone at all here. They are backed up but millions of media dollars and without that they probably couldn’t have the buzz. So when it comes down to forming a model for others to use, we must look at the media integration, not just the social media in itself. Note that Joey is also having people TALK, make calls, emails, etc.

With so much advertising with nothing real to say, it is great to see a campaign with a concrete message and a smart use of of web 2.0. We should all watch this closely (also this really may help the oil crisis) because this can be a great model to adopt for other issues, new communication strategy in the making!

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