Help me choose a new logo

How about a little crowd-wisdom here? Vote for your favorite logo below.

Click on each logo for larger view 🙂

I’m in the process of redesigning my blog. I’ve gone through a few rounds with some of my super designer friends who have been advising me on developing a logotype (a lot more work than expected for an amateur!). These are my top six. Now I gotta narrow it down to ONE and I figured I could get a little outside perspective.

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

7 thoughts on “Help me choose a new logo”

  1. I like the first two, but I’m mixed on the use of the computer graphic, as Digital is so much more than just the computer, right?
    My vote’s gotta go to #1.

  2. I like the green computer icon. I just think logos are so much stronger with some sort of icon. BUT, I’d love to see it in orange or 2 shades of red!

  3. I like the number 1’s replacing i’s, however you should be more careful because I heard there’s a shortage of 1’s these days.

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