Manga does UGC

“We don’t employ translators as each and every user is a translator.”

John Maeda announced in his blog this new website for Manga (Japanese comics) where users can create their own translations of the books (after buying them) and then sell them on –although you get paid in points, which you can only use to buy more Manga.

Interesting use of ‘social media/user generated content’ by appealing to manga fans. The site says this is to help ‘everyone’ enjoy Manga, but it sure look like a strategic attempt to help break into new markets or increase Manga’s market share (in Japan Manga is a + $400B industry).

Of course all the works done on the site are owned by manganovel, (see Translation T&Cs excerpt below) and they reserve the right to publish your translations on their website. The also claim to have ‘strong digital rights management system (DRM) to protect their publications.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

All right, title and interest in and to any and all content displayed on, performed, streamed through or posted on the Manganovel Website including, but not limited to, the graphic images, sounds, audio visual works, textual works, software, scripts, and any other graphics contained therein (collectively, “Manganovel Content”), is owned by Manganovel or its licensors, and is protected by the copyright and other intellectual property rights of Japan, the United States of America and the laws of other countries and international conventions.

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