Well, I’m done with one class — actually I still have to do a final paper — but I learned some important lessons already. I took some risks and tried learning a simple software (keynotes) to do a fancy presentation, after all I’ve used powerpoint for years. It turned out that it wasn’t the software that made it difficult: it was the converter for the AVI projector I forgot last week when I was supposed to present originally; the fail attempts to record my narration with sound effects that never synched with the visuals; and the hours of editing that only made me grow more and more frustrated. Finally, I resolved to do a lame fix using webex to present remotely — NW storms closed train/highway to Seattle. I wish I thought of this earlier, because I was definitely not prepared for it, and felt I did a horrible job presenting.

So my key lessons are:

a) use the software for what is meant for
b) when you’re under time pressure, resort to what you know tried and true
c) have plan b (and plan c)
d) simplify

After a couple of beers and a good night sleep I decided I could not let technology defeat me (stubborn or persistent). I simplified my presentation and added some music. And finally posted it to youtube.

One last thing. I need to thank my very patient professor, Kathy, and my husband who puts up with me through ever crisis of my life, no matter how big or small.

Anyway, here is the final presentation.

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Tech marketing executive. Latina who loves the rain. Proud mami of two amazing children.

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