Small Group Presentation Report

My presentation went generally well with the three groups, although the first twpo group were more engaged. On the last minute, it occurred to me to ask the second and third group what they had learned and though about McLuhan from their previous groups, so I could customize the presentation, however I don’t feel I was able to customize as much as I wanted to. I think I needed more time to question them, but I was too concerned about time. So my estimation turned out to be fine for reviewing McLuhan key points, but I failed to account for time for the video. I also felt I was very high-level with the related article.

I really like the idea of having people present the material (I really learn when I have to explain to others), but I would prefer more time with just one group, and then have a larger group discussion to go deeper in the material. I feel this format focuses too much in speed and not in understanding the depth of the material. McLuhan alone is quite a complex read that requires digestion time. In fact, I had a much more interesting debate withing my regular peer group because they had read the material. However, I recognize that having a short amount of time to explain the material forces you to really digest it, in order to summarize it.

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