Peer Group 2 Discussion summary- Victorian Internet

1.    How can we use Victorian Internet to explain technology innovation

  • The VI is a lesson in sociology, we need to pay attention to the psychological patterns that we have as humans, because they tend to be the drivers behind tech evolutions and adoption
  • We’re always after the same thing, communicate.

2.    Why do we always want more and faster data?

  • Because we can, information is not scarce
  • If we were to reach a limit with one technology we’ll find another way to keep evolving
  • Because human imagination has no limits
  • Because we always want more, it’s a human condition

3.    Why do we use mediated channels to develop personal relationship?

  • Because it provides a common ground with another person, you immediately have
  • It’s an easy way to find people outside of your natural circle
  • It feels more comfortable and less confrontational
  • Non invasive, provides you with a non invasive way to establiush contact and develop initial relationship

4.    Why has Voice Recognition technology spread beyond call cenceter?

  • The human voice is very wide full of nuances, intonations, sub-meanings, etc the only other “machine” that can recognize and react to all that is another human (for now)
  • It has progressed in call centers because of cost saves, not necessarily because people like using it.
  • It has progressed in niche groups where  other technologies are not a choice: for example with blind people who cannot write
  • Context of other technology, when a user picks up the phone (vs computer/email/mail) they expect to talk to another human that has a wider range of response.

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